Mixed DM Indoor 2023

veröffentlicht am22. Februar 2023
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Mixed DM Indoor 2023After a three-year break from indoor mixed DM, our mission for this season’s DM was crystal clear: defending our place in the 3. League in Chemnitz after moving up the ladder in 2019.

Indoor season started in cold windy October. Training every Monday and Friday, week for week, the Airpussies significantly improved their handling skills and quick give-and-go technique. More time and energy were put into Zone-defense as well. Getting familiar with the new playing style was a big goal for the whole team. Official DM-preparations took place during the three weeks prior to the set date (11-12/02/2023). Following tactic discussions, various defense/offense exercises and countless try-outs, the DM-Team was ready for the upcoming challenges with our well known high pussietive spirit.

A few days before the DM, it was reported that two of the participating 8 teams canceled, resulting in a clear outcome: the Airpussies get to keep their place in the 3. League! Off we go to Chemnitz!

First game against Disckick on Saturday morning was a sweaty start. The Airpussies had difficulties with creating a flow as well as throw-preciseness, resulting in a hard cap after the score of 15-6. Nevertheless it was a well-spirited game with fair play. Next game was after a three-hour break. Our hosts, the Stoneheads, were the next opponents. The Airpussies went clear headed into the game, pushing the Stonies to the limit, but sadly failing to win again. 11-14 was the end score of the second round. Following a short break and more tactic-improvs, it was time for the last game of the day against Saxy Divers. We managed to keep the difference slight until halftime, but lacked concentration in the second half. Saxy Divers managed to steal the win in the end (15-11). By far the most intense of the day; everybody left satisfied and ready for dinner. The Airpussies spent the evening in high spirits. Main checkpoints were: waiting nearly an hour for dinner to get ready (and trying to keep our minds off our hungry stomachs), dancing to German Schlager-Hits in Chemnitz’s old city’s main square (favorite was Saufi Saufi), and ending the night in a local brewery, reliving the events of the day.

On Sunday we started off early against Goldfingers. Once again, our opponents felt the intensity we brought to the game. The score was a draw nearly until half time, after which the Goldfingers managed to take over and win the round with a 15-6. Same scenario with our last rivals, Schleudertrauma, who well-deservingly got to succeed with a solid 15-7 and managed to finish in second place. Special thanks to the hosts, the Stoneheads. Awesome job organizing this season’s indoor mixed DM. And big congrats to Disckick for moving up to the 2. League. The losses didn’t manage to break our will to play intensely and keep the spirit high. We played as one on and off the field. Strong sideline. Continuous motivation. Dancing/singing warm-ups. Smiling and laughing through the whole weekend. A pleasure it was indeed!

Hoping to see all our fellow teams next year! Cheers!