Intergalactic Journey on the RotAirnament

veröffentlicht am6. Oktober 2022
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Teamfoto: air pussies und Rotor, beim ersten RotAirnament September 2022
Teamfoto: air pussies und Rotor, beim ersten RotAirnament September 2022 Teamfoto: air pussies und Rotor, beim ersten RotAirnament September 2022


17.09.2022, marked the beginning of the long-awaited RotAirnament, a cooperation of the two celebrated teams Rotor and Air Pussies, setting a journey to galaxies beyond imagination with 14 teams of the Ultimate Universe.

After a long preparatory Friday, we shared the first space stop on Saturday with the Berliner Red Eagles, to which we lost 6:10. Without hesitation we moved to the next game high-spirited and played against the two-team combination PotFarmers, gaining the first (difficult) win of the day with a score of 10:8. Our next duel with the Pick-Up-Team was not as fruitful, losing 5:8. Last stop of the day was a windy rainy match against the magnificent Knights in Tights, which was a close call of 7:5 for the Knights. Not only were their harmony and tactics remarkable, but their (tight) uniforms as well!

Off we went to the Beerrace on Rotor's campus, each team accompanied by one player of the hosting parties. Pre-Race preparations on the way included a riddle, a quick game and of course a bottle of Berliner Luft, which had to be drunk by the whole team before participating in the Beerrace, making things a bit more spicy. Following that was a delicious oriental vegetarian dinner and a party not lacking in Berlin-typical electric and techno music. A night not to be forgotten.


started with the second victory for the Air Pussies being against Lobstars 1 with a score of 10:2. Once again, a well-spirited game with the Lobstars never leaving a chance for despair and thus always keeping us out of breath. Our last pool game we shared with the Eelectrics, where some points lasted longer than expected and we ended the match with a well-deserved 7:5 win.

The very last game was against Eberswalde. Both teams were beyond exhaustion and the weather conditions were on nobody's side. Nevertheless, both sides showed their best so far. The Air Pussies were eventually able to strike with a 12:9, cutting their way to position 7 out of 14.

After weeks of tireless organisation we're more than satisfied with the end results and would love to see you again in upcoming tournaments. Cheers!